Trees calm the mind

It is a miracle that our cities have trees. At first, humans created cities and turned their back to nature pretendig to be safe from its dangers.

Gradually, nature was introduced back into cities in a controlled manner – only plants that were “good” for cities were planted in incremental amounts, and only in places that were destined for plants.

Nowadays we see thousands of trees grown in city streets, gardens and parks, and so far so good! Seemingly, it is hard to imagine cities with no trees but, there are still places with no trees at all.

Have you ever found yourself in one of those places where there are no plants at all? Where you can feel the burning sun blazing? In the Israeli climate, no exaggeration is needed.

The climate is becoming extreme and while we think of the future and surviving the upcoming years, trees calm the mind down. Trees are an effective and ancient technique for reducing climate temperature and human stress.

the role of trees

But heat and rainfalls are becoming more extreme everybody year. 

Trees have an extremely important role in mitigating floods, and in the past few years we have experienced more floods in cities than ever before, some were fatal. 

If cities had more free soil for water to penetrate, then more trees would absorb the water with their roots and stop soil runoff.

Extreme floods with catastrophic consequences would not have happened, and we would have been able to leverage those damaged spaces for growing food, organic waste recycling (compost and carboxylation) and, so many more opportunities for urban agriculture. 

Trees have Healing Powers

Trees have a healing influence for the body and the soul. 

It has been proven that healing healing times shorten after surgeries for those who are around trees. In addition, people tend to have more physical activity while in the presence of trees. Acts of crime and violence are dramatically reduced in forest environments and trees reduce noise and air pollution and enrich the air with oxygen.

Forest showers are a recognized medicine in Japan and worldwide. 

Trees attract birds and butterflies, and they make us happy.

It is hard to find a good reason for concrete and asphalt deserts. Imagine a world where you are flying above treetops and try to hug or climb a tree, it is undeniable that you will feel great immediately. 

fruit trees in cities

Trees have so many benefits and we have yet to discuss their fruits! The more trees we plant in cities, the more there are free and fresh organic fruits for us to enjoy city-wide!

Dirty streets? Not if we collect the fruits in time!

Instead finding creative ways to clean the sidewalks, why won’t we find creative ways to collect fruits and make sure it reaches those in need?

We can hang nets under mulberry trees and harvest fruits! Birds and bats will also enjoy them and will contribute to the biodiversity of the city!

There are also city trees which are not known as fruit bearing trees but they are. For example, ficus macrocarpa is one of them! Try it, taste it, and you will be surprised!

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