about us | story of establishment

It all started in a place called “Adamama”.

Hagai Hirschfeld, “Venatata” CEO of the economic corporation, met Aviv Beilis Lerner. Together they created, lived in, and operated in the first eco-farm in Israel- Adamama.

A few years past, they separated, and the farm had to shut down.

Hagai joined another ecological project – a rehabilitation plant nursery named “ the yard/ hachazer ”. 

Hagai called Aviv to join and be a rehab coach. Aviv, who has a huge heart, took the offer and started creating a project with the residents, a garden.

On a mission to make “Hachazer” an even better place and to find the right branding and marketing strategies, Hagai consulted with Shai Attias. He was looking for the perfect person to brand the “Hachazer”. Shai had to think about it and eventually he offered himself!  Today, Shai is the CEO of “Venatata”.

A few months later “Hachazer” continued to grow on its own without the three. Soon after, in September 2019, “Venatata” association was established. Aviv named it “VENATATA”, which means, “and you have planted”, as a reference to a Jewish saying “ve’ahavta” which means, “and you have loved your fellow like you have loved yourself”. 

Aviv, Shir and Udi, additional founders of VENATATA, called Shai, Hagai, Oren, Niv, Dor and Maozm and introduced them to the mission of Venatata – To bring nature into cities – from there, the rest is history. 

At Venatata, our dream is big and real and becomes more alive in every moment that we get to do what we do.

associations documents and approvals

the vision

The Venatata association operates for the development of ecological forests in cities and villages.

We contribute to the balance of local eco systems and strengthen the social and geographical periphery. We bring communities together, promote economic sustainable growth, and encourage a culture of planting and maintaining trees as an educational tool for the connections of man with nature, and man with man.

the association's values

promoting partners to the forest-city vision

community life
improving the communities we live in

mother nature needs alot of love

the path to solidarity starts with human empathy

the planet is ours to stay

the people behind "venatat"

the association's team

SHAI, 39, is the teacher of time management organization and has a background in the field of marketing. He has accompanied over 100 couples in surrogacy processes and passionately believes in serving the community you live in.

Shai atias

association CEO


HAGAI, 34, is a project manager in content, video, creative and commercial fields. He works in producing big art exhibitions and established the Adamama farm, which is the first eco farm in Israel.

Hagai Hirshfeld

economic corporation CEO


DOR, 33, is a social entrepreneur and manages the community connections and corporate responsibilities at the “Venatata” association. In the past Dor has work experience in the field of user experience.

Dor Maoz

VP of Business Community Relations


ADI, 31, produces international medical conventions around the world and believes that helping others is self-empowerment. She loves reading, dancing, planting, physics, people, and life itself.

addi gaznada

VP of Operations and Treasury


Aviv, 32, is an ecological and educational entrepreneur. He has managed projects for at-risk youth in the Negev in non-formal educational platforms. He is the owner of the “el-hagan” gardening company and “otot” publishing for media development.

aviv beilis lerner

Founder of the association and director of strategy


ZUF, 35, has experience in event promotion and production, and organizes the events with intention of nature and marine conservation. Her life slogan is “do what I love and love what I do”.

tzuf kedem

production manager


ZIVA, 40, is a student for therapeutic gardening. After years in the field of administration, she understood that the connection with people and earth is a fundamental for the happiness of people on the planet.

ziva prochter

activity leader


INBAR, 31, is a woman of the sea, a ecological entrepreneur, community manager and ecological events producer. She also works as a diving instructor and is able to free-dives to 20M. Inbar loves working with people and creating an impact.

inbar margolis

community coordinator


YOAV, 38, works on founding and accompanying therapeutic rehabilitation gardens. He has extensive experience in therapeutic gardening, with a background in chemical and pharmaceutical engineering. Yoav believes in living an eco-friendly and vegan life style.

yoav zafrir

field activities coordinator


Board of Directors

RON, 42, is married with three children and graduated with a master's degree in Finance from the Hebrew University and also holds a law degree from the Bar Ilan University. He has experience in real estate, finance, capital market and business consulting.

ron or-nahmani

Chairman of the Board of Directors

YAAKOV, 38, is married with one kid, and received his Bachelor degree in Laws and Economics from Tel Aviv University. He has experience in investments and financial consulting and manages the investment activities in an international high tech company.

yaakov stir

Member of the Board of Directors ​

HADAR, 28, is a consultant to the KKL chairman, and is a law student. In the past she has managed the allocation of 3 election campaigns, and has worked as a parliamentary consultant of a party chairman in law, policies and environment.

hadar golan

Member of the Board of Directors ​

ARNON, 38, is married with 3 children and holds a BA in Industrial Engineering and Management and an MBA with a specialization in Finance. Arnon is currently the manager of the optimization department in “Teva" pharmaceutical company.

arnon mezer

Member of the Board of Directors ​

Audit Committee

ITAMAR, 41, is the Founder and CEO of PayEM. In the past, he stablished and produced the Queer Magic Festival and was a Founder of different queer ecological farms.

itamar jobani

audit commitee member

HEN, 41, is an established forest-city citizen that has been living and breathing the forest-city citizen lifestyle as a way a life. He believes that in this country, all cities are a green lung; beautiful, pleasant living areas. Hen sees the activities of his hard working friends, the “Venatata” association, and through these accomplishments he see’s the forest-city vision becoming a reality.

hen ben zvi

Audit Committee member

associations founders

MAYA, 34, is married with 2 children. She is very connected to nature and works as a facilitator for volunteer work in therapeutic gardens. She is the Founder of “kvushim kvushot club” for healthy living food and has been working on producing a music album.

maya galantz lerner


MAYA, 30, is a body mind therapist, yoga teacher, and facilitates conscious sexuality circles. She built an ecological mud house in two years with her beloved partner and believes that at every given moment, we should try to do our best with environment.

maya hatzir


OFER is a man of land and a farmer that lives in the community and sanctifies it.

ofer karmon


NOAM, deals with sustainability and craft and is a big believer in methods for social change that use craft and physical activities as a tool for self and social empowerment.

noam golan raoznitz


SHIR is one of the founders of “Ecotopia” an is a professional architect but presents herself as an anarchitect. She is also a member of onia collective and a worked at SID.

shir talor

Audit Committee

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