The association's story

How it all began

In 2019, Ofer Carmon, Shay Attias, Aviv Beilies Lerner, Maya Glantz, Hagai Hirschfeld, Maya Hatzir, Shir Talr and Noam Rausnitz sat together and established Venatata NGO.

The group sat for days and nights and operated tree distribution projects to citizens. Right at the start, it wasn’t clear what Venatata has come to do and say in the world, but we all knew we had a strong mission to promote projects that put man, land and community in the center.

Several of the founders took a step back over time, and around the others was formed a select group of entrepreneurs and activists who devoted their lives to the forestation of the country, and the entire world – while rehabilitating the soil, connecting communities, and raising awareness to environmental and ecological subjects.

Association approvals

The Association's Team

Shai, 39, is from the future Forest-City of Tel Aviv. He lectures on time management and task organization, comes from the worlds of marketing and advertising and has accompanied over 100 couples in surrogacy processes, released a single for the radio and believes in contributing to the community in which he lives.

Shay Attias

CEO & Co-Founder

Hagai, 34 years old, worked in the field of project management and in production of creative video content and advertising, and also the production of large art exhibitions.

Hagai Hirschfeld

Founder and admin of Forest-City movement

Adi, 31 years old, is from the future Forest-City of Tel Aviv. She produced international medical conferences around the globe. Believes that helping others is self-empowerment. Loves reading, dancing, plants, physics, people, and life itself.

Addi Gzanda

VP of operations & finances

Dorielle is an entrepreneur and lecturer on inspiration, fulfillment and creative thinking. A designer, writer, photographer and illustrator. She owns a studio for branding and promoting businesses and ventures. A mother of two, connects and balances worlds, people & ideas. Believes that you should always be on the move, internally and externally.

dorielle rimmer

VP of Business Development & Community Relations

Aviv has been an ecological and educational entrepreneur for many years. Managed projects for at-risk youth throughout the Negev in informal education frameworks and provided infrastructure for environmental projects. The owner of the gardening company "El Hagan" and the publishing house "Otot" for the development of communication tools and spirit to work with groups and individuals.

aviv beilies lerner

Secretery general & founder

34 years old from Michmoret, mother of two, connected to the earth and trees. Guides of volunteering days in therapeutic gardens. Founded the “Pickled Club" for lively and nutritious food, recently working on writing and composing an album.

Maya Glantz Lerner

Professional consultant & founder

Loves nature and trusts its power to heal and connect people. Believes that "what is illuminated - grows". “My moments of success always start from an emotional connection that ignites an inner fire in me that motivates me to produce dreams”. Happily married and proud mother of 3.

Daffy Plotkin

Director of productions & projects

Dor, 24 years old, is from the green city of Tel Aviv. He comes from the world of therapy, art and psychotherapy. He charts his path on the planet, and chooses to create a new, green and communal reality together with the association, to grows green and tall cities, and make the world better. The vision is already here.

Dor Zinger

Director of operations

Executive Committee

42 years old, married and father to 3, graduated with a master's degree in finance from Hebrew and law in Bar Ilan, with many years of experience in real estate, finance, the capital market and business consulting. Currently, he is the manager of the business development department at Amidar. Previously, he held senior positions in the real estate industry in the field of urban entrepreneurship & renewal.

Ron Or-Nachmani

head of the executive committee

38 years old, married and father to 1, graduated with a bachelor's degree in law and economics from Tel Aviv University, with extensive experience in the field of investments and business consulting. Currently, he manages real investment activities in international technology companies for a large private investment company.

Yaacov Styr

member of the executive committee

28 years old. Advisor to the deputy chairman of KKL-JNF, law student. In the past, she managed budgets for 3 election campaigns, a parliamentary advisor to a party leader on legislation, policy change and the environment.

hadar golan

member of the executive committee

38 years old, married and father to three, graduated with a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering and management, a master's degree in business administration with specialization in finance. Currently a field manager in the product strategy optimization department at Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.

Arnon Metzer

member of the executive committee

Audit Committee

Itamar, 41, founder and CEO of Payam, a fintech company. In the past he founded and produced the Queer Magic Festival and was part of the founding group of various queer ecological farms.

itamar jobani

Member of the Audit committee

41 years-old, “citizen of a Forest-City citizen that is already up and running in my imagination”. In this country, all cities are a green lung. Beautiful and pleasant residential areas. Individuals, families, tribes and communities live their lives in a living and breathing environment... I see the activities of my hard-working friends in the Venatata community and I begin to see this vision being woven and emerging. May it be realized, with haste, in our lifetimes, May Gush-dan become the name of a forest (Bush-dan).

Chen Ben Tzvi

Member of the Audit committee

Association Founder

Shir Talor is one of the founders of Ecotopia, an architect by training but presents herself as an anarchitect (a combination of architect and anarchist). She is a member of the Oniya collective and worked at the SID organization.

Shir Talor


30-year-old Makzir, mind-body therapist, yoga teacher, facilitator of conscious sexuality circles. “I built an ecological earth house together with my loved ones for two years. Always trying to do good to the environment.”

Maya Hatzir


Ofer, a man of the land, a farmer, who lives in the community he holds sacred.

ofer carmon


I deal with sustainability and craftsmanship and am a big believer in methods for social change that use crafts and work with the body and materials as a tool for personal and community empowerment.

Noam Golan Rausnitz


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