100 Threapeutic gardens

Our flagship project is the establishment of 100 therapeutic gardens in 100 rehabilitation institutions throughout the country and the transformation of healing through nature into a recgonized therapeutic and rehabilitative tool in all rehabilitation institutions in Israel: caring for the elderly and Holocaust survivors, youth at-risk, new immigrants, soldiers with PTSD, people with disabilities and special needs, victims of sexual assault, the mentally weary and fringe groups in the social and geographic periphery of Israel.

Each garden is a holistic ecosystem and part of an ecological continuum of green square meters in the city that become a vibrant center and a tool for treatment through nature for the residents of the institution and the surrounding community. We operate from the knowledge and understanding that healing a person in crisis is directly related to the healing and restoration of the community and environment of which he is a part. A person who sees a tree growing, and participates in the act of sprouting, also grows and comes to life.

הצטרפו לפרויקט ונטעת עיר־יער לשיקום שדרות!

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