Join The Members Club of Venatata Forest-City

  1. We plant trees and increase the green square-footage in cities
  2. Receive a planting-kit to your doorstep
  3. Every three months you receive an envelope with seasonal seeds
  4. Support the 100 Gardens project and introduce more nature into the city.

Our supporters are the people thanks to whom we can realize our vision of making the cities healthier and greener for everyone. These are our partners on the path, lovers of trees, nature, community and the land.

Each member receives a membership pack

Join the Venatata NGO Members Club with a monthly donation of 50 NIS and we will continue to plant more trees, set up more therapeutic gardens and improve everyone’s nature and community.

Seasonal Seeds Subscription

Receive a quarterly delivery of 3 types of seasonal seeds with instructions on how to plant them.


Members have already join the Venatata Forest-City Members Club and we invite you too!

Forest-City movement

An ever-expanding movement of citizens, working to introduce nature into the city, and strengthen the social fabric. Everyone is part of the ecological change, and together we create the green, communal reality. It is optimistic and inspiring.

Why Forest-City?

92% of Israel’s population

lives in cities

Cities are forecasted to see a 1.5-4 degree rise in temperatures

Data shows that in the coming decades we are due to see a dramatic rise of 1.5-4 degrees in Israel, during the summer.

A Forest-City is Nature's Air-Conditioner
and the solution to cooling israel's cities!

become a member!

Gifts and benefits for members

Coming soon...

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