become a forest-city citizen

what is a forest-city citizen?

A forest-city citizen has that burning desire to take part in the fruition of the forest-city vision.

They want to design the green cities of tomorrow and together with us, they wish to take part in establishing a forest-city country.

Forest city citizens are ready to bring fresh, healing, and healthy green vibes and energy into rehabilitation centers. These centers will offer a space to care for those living amongst us such as:

– sexual assault survivors

– PTSD and war victims

– mental health handlers

– and so many more in need!

We will work with those in need to cultivate therapeutic gardens.

Citizens and organizations of the forest-city movement are those who use every cent to turn our environment from a concrete jungle to a green, breathing, shaded, healthier and happier environment.

If you wish to take part in helping us grow, sustain, and continue to bring this movement to life, we ask for a generous monthly donation. 

Here are the details!: 

our projects- bringing the forest to the city

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We set a goal of creating 100 therapeutic gardens in 100 rehabilitation centers in Israel. Every therapeutic garden we work with works in symbiosis with an array of volunteers, education institutes, companies and organizations.

100 gardens project

Our social plant nursery is a workplace and a warm home for people with special needs. We bring products from secure factories that can be delivered to your doorstep.

venatata plant nursery

We create space for communal learning. Together with activists, volunteers, and the public we learn through fascinating forest city lectures and workdays in rehab centers about sustainability and what we need to do in order to improve.

educate for sustainability

What is it like to be a forest-city citizen?

ליאור לוי
ליאור לוי
גנן ביתי ומשווק דיגיטלי
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הי ושלום, קודם כל, כיף להיות פה. הקורונה סגרה אותי בבית כמו את כולם, ונהייתה לי אהבה ענקית, יש שיגידו מטרידה לצמחים ולגינון, מאז אני משקיע המוווון בגידול צמחים בבית, אני קורא, מעמיק את הידע, ולהיות אזרח עיר־יער היה נראה לי רק טבעי
אביב בייליס לרנר
אביב בייליס לרנר
גנן ואיש אסטרטגיה
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אני רוצה להשפיע, לשנות, להוריד את הטמפרטורות בערים, לייער, להצל, שיהיה לנו אהבה בלב ויער בעיניים, יער משולב בבניינים.
אמא ונושמת טבע
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שלום 🙂 אני אנג'י אמא ונושמת טבע גרה בקיבוץ בעמק הירדן. נושא איכות הסביבה, כבוד לבע"ח, קיימות ובכלל חיים באיזון עם הטבע סביבי תמיד היו חלק ממני, שנים שמטפחת ערמת קומפוסט וצמחי מאכל ומשתדלת לצמצם שימוש מיותר במשאבים. זה רק היה עניין של זמן עד שנהייתי שגרירת עיר יער, הרי זה הכי טבעי לי. 🙂
אלמוג מידן
אלמוג מידן
סטודנט ובעל עסק
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הי אני אלמוג 🙂 סטודנט לפסיכולוגיה ופסיכותרפיה ובעל עסק לפתרונות דיגיטליים. חלק מתהליך החיבור שלנו לעצמנו הוא גם חיבור לטבע. כשאני נהיה מודע לעצמי, אני הופך מודע גם לעולם שסביבי. מתוך החיבור הזה, הפכתי טבעוני. מתוך החיבור הזה אני גם רואה את החשיבות הגדולה שיש לונטעת לעולם שלנו. הפנימי והחיצוני.

different types of Forest City Citizens!
Help us create a greener world in your Honor

*All Of Our Forest City Citizen Donors Are Directly Taking Part In Our Mission To Create A Greener And Healthier World. As a monthly donor, you will have access to our monthly newsletter which depicts the plants, gardens, and forests we were able to bring to life and the impact we were able to create with your generous donation!



Plant Parent citizen

A baby plant in your honor!

Become a plant parent! With this monthly donation, we will plant a plant in one of our gardens in your honor! We honor our plant parents by granting you access to our monthly newsletter that depicts the gardens that your baby plants have become a part of. Without your donation, this baby plant would not have had a chance at a future, so THANK YOU for your donation and for helping us in our mission to create a greener world!



Plant Family citizen

a family of plants in your honor!

Help us to create a Plant Family! With this monthly donation, we will create a garden family where an entire plant family will come together and come to life in your honor. This plant family will honor our shared values of community and work in symbiosis with one another as a sustainable and supportive ecosystem. Each Plant Family Citizen will have access to our monthly newsletter which depicts the plant families we were able to bring to life and the impact we were able to create with your donation! 



Garden citizen

a Full garden in your honor!

Give back to a community in need by creating a garden in your name! With this monthly donation, we will create a therapeutic garden where it is needed most! This donation will allow us to create more gardens in more rehabilitation centers – centers for people suffering from PTSD, mental health, disabilities, and so many more places in need! – A full garden will include a beautiful array of flowers, greens, cacti, plants and so much more. Each Garden Citizen will have access to our monthly newsletter which depicts the Gardens we were able to bring to life and the impact we were able to create with your donation! 



forest citizen

A Forest in your honor!

With this monthly donation we will be able to bring Mother Nature back big time into an urban environment! With this donation, we will plant a forest in your name! A forest includes at least 10 large trees, many medium sized and smaller plants, flowers, greenery, vegetables, and so much more. This donation will allow us to build a large, breathing, healing, nurturing forest into an urban environment that is desperate for the healing properties of Mother Nature. Each Forest Citizen will have access to our monthly newsletter which depicts the mini Urban Forests we were able to bring to life and the impact we were able to create with your donation! 



citizen of the earth

Join us on our mission, world-wide!

With this donation, we will be able to plant more forests, more gardens, more plants, and so so much more across rehabilitation centers in Israel and all over the world. With this donation, you will be making a world wide impact in helping us on our mission to make the world a cleaner, greener, healthier, and happy place for us all. Thank you so much for your generosity! 

join the forest city movement

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