The VENATATA association strives for the development and cultivation of ecological forests in cities and country sides by encouraging the planting and protecting nature, and sharing educational tools that brings communities together.

This is your chance to support the welfare and wellbeing of society,  to advocate for a greener environment, and to enjoy with your co-workers, employees, and customers in a unique experience with an added value!

 Through our projects, you get connect and experience the essence of our values of sustainability and the environment, all while supporting populations in need. Ask us about the different opportunities of volunteering – any where in the country, in different institutes, or for an annual program. 

Integrate employees & customers in activities with an added value!

"the secret of the seeds" workshop

A one hour zoom workshop for the companies employees and their families, together with a rehabilitation center resident to learn the secret of seeds. 

The workshop starts with a fascinating talk about the world of seeds, stories from Israel and the world, and gradually progresses to a practical practice for everyone to do at home.

The workshop is suitable for all ages and can take place in Hebrew and/ or English.

volunteer day- creating a garden.

Come and work with us in a meaningful volunteer day. Volunteer Days include: 

– a talk about ecosystems and ecology

–  work in the garden of the rehab center

– renewing elements in the garden 

– seeding planting, creating pathways, composting and more!

Now is the time to be involved and influence your environment with activities, creation and connection and help the people staying in rehab centers to enjoy their gardens even more!

Forest City And Economic Growth Lectures 2.0

In these lectures we investigate the potential of green cities of the future. We learn about biological technologies that exist in nature, and examine examples of breakthrough initiatives that make the city a green, economical and sustainable tissue. We investigate the models in which humans use in everyday cities, organizations, and family life while discussing how we can create business using nature and how we can develop ecological leaders.  In this lecture, we discover what each one of us can do in our own environment.

social gifts from VENATATA plant nursery

Venatata plant nursery hires people from a wide spectrum of special needs and limitations. Our online store grants access for people to buy safe plant products from our nurseries. On our website, you can order plants, pots, gift baskets, gift cards and more! 

"build a Succulent Terrarium" workshop

Join us for a 1 hour workshop that will inspire your to create your own terrarium! During the workshop you will learn how to design a beautiful succulent terrarium that is inspired by your own personal life interests! The kits are packed by people with disabilities, through “chimes Israel”.

*the workshop takes place LIVE on Zoom

The legend about the tree of the world- an ecological festival for the entire family

Join our Plant Festival and connect as experience the values of nature and sustainability. Upon entrance to the festival, every family will receive a passport stamp granting them entrance to the a world of ecology where they will learn about nature and sustainability through games and fun activities. The grand finale is planting the family tree. You can always go back to it, take care and check on it.

שותפים שכבר צומחים יחד איתנו מספרים

parteners who have already contributed to a more connected society and ecological future.

and more!


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